Susan Krebs — Quote Sheet
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 3:45 PM
~ simple gifts ~  PRESS QUOTES
Like food cooked over a slow Bohemian fire, Simple Gifts is savory and satisfying... Honed in small venues and living rooms, Simple Gifts is an album to ponder vignette by vignette.
 3 1/2 STARS ~ Carlo Wolff / DownBeat
Krebs' recording is that potent, fecund, and essential… an extension and a perfection of that effort to push jazz boundaries into alternate areas… I do not anticipate hearing a more satisfying or original recording the rest of this year.    ***** 5 Stars 
 ~ C. Michael Bailey/All About Jazz
The Susan Krebs Chamber Band makes intimate jazz that swings, sways, soars but never roars... "Simple Gifts" is intimate yet expansive, playful yet emotionally strong, music to lift your spirits. Through this music, one can hear how much fun The Susan Krebs Chamber Band has when they work together. And it's contagious.  Richard Kamins/Step Tempest
Virtuosic spontaneity, tempered and 'cooked' by riveting lead vocalist Susan Krebs… she eschews no vocal challenge: demonstrating enviable pitch range, extraordinary intonation, and a finely tuned sense of vocal dynamics…There is no escaping the magic embedded in these “simple gifts”, as Krebs makes her songs personal, authentic and unforgettable.  ~ C.J. Bond/Jazz Music Blog
Inventive arrangements and concepts…there’s magic to be heard.
~ Dan Bilawsky/All About Jazz
The Susan Krebs Chamber Band takes the classic Chamber Music concept, infuses wonderful modern day musical thinking and performing and suddenly it becomes a new Jazz paradigm… I can only describe the music on this CD as fresh and beautiful. 
~ Robert Nicosia/Music Man Blog
Krebs and her band sound like no one else in today’s jazz world… the vibe here is contemporary jazz drawing from many influences from the past… Susan is an excellent singer, blessed with a strong voice that understands jazz nuance. 
 ~ John Sanders/Jazz Music Archives
These salons have inspired Krebs’ latest recording “simple gifts”, which contain many of the best songs from the Great American Songbook with a new jazz twist…Krebs’ emotional interpretations are beautifully rendered and adeptly accompanied by her chamber ensemble.  
~ Paula Edelstein/AXS
The sessions must be fabulous over at Susan’s Salon…Wonderful new release from Susan Krebs and highly recommended.  4 Stars
~ Matthew Thiel/Jazz Music Archives
There is great cohesion and musical sympathy shared by the ensemble throughout the project. Be Bop Spoken Here
From REVIEWS of Everything Must Change:
A jazz singer...steeped in experience with a "no fear" soul...

The double-shot of experience and exuberance is what characterizes Krebs' art, and she spreads both liberally on Everything Must Change.
With Everything Must Change, Krebs ascends to a point of recognition, one richly deserved. (C. Michael Bailey/All About Jazz)
Krebs has the latitude to make the music she wants to make and add her own special sauce as and when needed.  Here we have an intimate, gutsy jazz vocal date...and she once again shows that she can handle any facet of jazz singing.   (Chris Spector/Midwest Record)

Krebs' music wraps itself around the listener like a big hug. How can one not enjoy the whole grain, organic pleasure of jazz classics about spring, love, flowers, and stars?   (Joe Ross/
Krebs displays her love of good songs, as well as the emotional and symbiotic relationship that she intimately has with them. Throughout the entire set she exudes confidence, delivering the musical goods...a sincere singer whose ballads and sense of swing remind me of Shirley Horn.
(Joe Ross/
Refreshing...A wonderfully eclectic release with a warm rich sound that works hand in glove with her vocals... the spotlight on the music which Krebs delivers with a refreshing honesty and clearly shows her comfort zone as an artist.        (Brent Black/CriticalJazz.Com)
The joy of making music is nice. The joy of making good music is Susan Krebs.     (Brent Black/CriticalJazz.Com)
Her ability to own the melody and convey the lyric with conviction and originality cements the notion you are witnessing a true song stylist. (Constance Tucker/All About Vocals)
Everything Must Change is truly a jazz offering that stands out head and shoulders above the plethora of vocal jazz CDs...each track has its own special fabric that weaves the entire release together with the one undeniable quality, Krebs vocals. Her interpretations truly push and pull each composition to its fullest potential engaging the listener’s to delve further into the message of change. (Constance Tucker/All About Vocals)

In JAZZ AVIARY, Krebs has created a rare and mesmerizing creative experience. (Don Heckman/Int'l Review of Music)
Irresistible offerings from a formidable jazz artist.  (All Music Guide)
Krebs' interpretive passion, intelligence, and love for the project can be heard throughout.  (JAZZ IMPROV MAGAZINE)
Blessedly free of affectation, Krebs rivals Karrin Allyson and Diana Krall in her ability to climb inside a lyric and make it seem she's lived there her entire life.  (JAZZ TIMES)
Krebs and her amazing musicians have created something of singular beauty.  (LA Jazz Scene)
...a series of delicate yet masterfully constructed origami creatures.  (JAZZ TIMES)