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Theo Saunders, Ryan McGillicuddy, SK, Cat Conner, Gene Cip Cipriano, Devin Kelly @ Cafe 322 Chris Colangelo, Rich Eames, SK, Gary Foster, Jerry Kalaf = Jazz @ the Crowne SK, Carmen Fanzione, Sue Raney  Cafe 322 Ken Wild, SK, Barry Zweig: Jazz @ Four Points Sheraton Sheila Jordan @ Vitello's ThemeScene's CARDIOLOGY @ Skylight Theater; Rich Eames, Ryan McGillicuddy, Jerry Kalaf, Chuck Manning, SK, Marcie Vaj Jay Clayton @ Giannelli Square Devin Kelly, SK, Ryan McGillicuddy, Theo Saunders @ G2 Gallery Rich Eames, Rob Lockart, SK = Jazz @ the Crowne Jennifer Robin & SK @ Dr. Music The SK Quartet: Rich Eames, Ryan McGillicuddy, Jerry Kalaf @ G2 Gallery SK  Rob Lockart = JAZZ AVIARY @ Giannelli Square