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the Susan Krebs Band @ Vitello's/LA  (Rich Eames, SK, Ryan McGillicuddy, Chuck Manning & Jerry Kalaf) Vitello's/LA - Vitello's Photos by Craig Levine SK & Chuck Manning @ Vitello's/LA Jerry Kalaf @ Vitello's/LA Ryan McGillicuddy, SK, Rich Eames'  head Chuck Manning & Ryan McGillicuddy @ Vitello's SK @ Vitellos/LA the SK Band @ FUN = Chuck, Jerry, Rich, SK, Ryan  Chuck Manning & Rich Eames @ Vitellos/LA 'And another thing, bud...' ! Cat Conner, Gene My sister Wim, Betty Thomas & her beau Doug @ Vitellos/LA SK with Tierney Sutton @ Vitellos/LA Jazz Gang: Alan Wexler, SK, Judy Wexler, Julie Kelly, Dale Sorensen @ Vitellos/LA 'Everything Must Change' Sessions - the Susan Krebs Band - Summer/Fall 2011 SK @ the gateway to Palm Mountain Studio Chuck Manning Ryan McGillicuddy expresses himself while Jerry Kalaf looks on... Special Guests on 'Are Ya Havin' Any Fun?': Riner Scivally, Steve Huffsteter, Scott Breadman Rich Eames, Chuck Manning, Steve Huffsteter Dancin' at the mike!