Susan Krebs — Everything Must Change
1. Up Jumped Spring
2. What Is This Thing Called Love?
3. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
4. Everything Must Change
5. Lost in the Stars
6. Wheelers and Dealers
7. Our Love Rolls On
8. Are Ya Havin' Any Fun?

The Susan Krebs Band
Susan Krebs — Vocals
Rich Eames — Piano
Ryan McGillicuddy — Bass
Jerry Kalaf — Drums
Chuck Manning — Saxes

Special Guests (Track 8): Scott Breadman,
      Steve Huffsteter & Riner Scivally

Produced Summer/Fall 2011
by Rich Eames, Jerry Kalaf & Susan Krebs

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Must Change" video

» Watch "Up Jumped Spring" video

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Everything Must Change, the newest recording from Susan and her longtime collaborators, Rich Eames and Jerry Kalaf, is a departure from their critically acclaimed Jazz Aviary recording (2007). Joined by the deeply simpatico Ryan McGillicuddy and Chuck Manning, the Susan Krebs Band made music together one summer -
and it was very good fun!